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Hello All: I am back. I know some of you are aware of the issues over the past 6 months, I am not 100 percent but am well enough to take care of paperwork and invoicing. I must appologize for the delays, my son and daughter in law did the best they could being thrown in to "the business" as they were. We will work on getting everything back logged out over the next few days. Thanks LeeAnn I am taking orders for all reissue pieces offered by HR some of which are not listed on my site. Please e mail me using the contact information on the contact us page if you are interested in ordering and we can make it happen.

Hagen-Renaker was created in the latter part of 1945 by John and Maxine Renaker and is now located in San Dimas, California. With the creative work of many important designers including Helen Perrin Farnlund, Maureen Love Calvert and Nell Bortells, Hagen-Renaker has produced miniature figurines that have been sought by collectors the world over for more than 70 years - offering unique, high quality miniatures that are hand-crafted with a rich and distinctive look.

Little-Shoppe brings you the full line of HR Miniatures, Kids Korner Limited Editions, "Golden Miniatures", Re-Issued Maureen Love Horses, Retired pieces and some unusual pieces you won't find anywhere else.
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