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ATTENTION TO HR COLLECTORS AND LONG TIME SHOPPERS OF LITTLE SHOPPE: After many years Little-Shoppe is moving on to the next endeavor.. Store front gifts and Antiques. We are so excited! Little-Shoppe's web store will be closing January 1, 2019. The site will remain active until my stock of Hagen Renaker is sold out. Come on in and check out a selection of current miniatures, specialties, a variety of discontinued pieces. While supplies last. PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer making orders for ML reissue pieces I have disabled the page and if by chance you do get to the HR Direct page and make an order, it may take up to 4 weeks to make a refund. I also have a huge inventory of retired pieces that are not listed on this site if you are interested in a current in stock list send me an e mail. I am also selling my personal HR ML reissue collection, again if you are interested in a list of those send me an e mail. HR Gold Pieces have also been disabled, I do have a few left in the Feng Shui category send me an e mail if you would like a list of those as well. Chao LeeAnn

Mother Goose
Appaloosa & Colt
Listed in Appropriate Category
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Vintage Colt
Burro Mama
Burro Baby
Diplodocus Baby
Honey Bunny
Alligator Mama
B&W Fat Cat
Honey Bunny
Persian Fat Cat
Monkey Seated
Smallest Chick
Hagen Renaker Special Run
Designer Workshop Shetland Ponies
Wrangler, Maydee and Rascal
Sets of 50 in Chestnut and 50 in Rose Gray

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Hagen-Renaker was created in the latter part of 1945 by John and Maxine Renaker and is now located in San Dimas, California. With the creative work of many important designers including Helen Perrin Farnlund, Maureen Love Calvert and Nell Bortells, Hagen-Renaker has produced miniature figurines for more than 70 years - offering unique, high quality miniatures that are hand-crafted with a rich and distinctive look.
Hagen Renaker Miniatures are made in America for collectors around the world.

Please come in and look around.