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Sespe Violette Cinco & Exi Retro Amir

Hagen Renaker proudly announed the fifth in the series of COLLECTOR HORSES that began with Jamboree. The fifth horse is a Belgian Draft Horse named CINCO. He has beautiful red ribbons in his mane and tail with contrasting green mane decorations. He comes in either a "New" dappled, light beige or chestnut. And the sixth horse in the series of collector horses, Exi, is available in Palomino, Chestnut, Bay, and Charcoal.
Cinco Dappled - $190.00 Each
Cinco and Exi - $130.00 Each
Domestic shipping and handling is included

Lay-away is available.

Hagen Renaker Horse Cinco

Cinco will now come to you without a base. You will instead get a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Ribbon Color:

New Chestnut
or Beige

Ribbon Color:

Hagen Renaker Horse Cinco

If you would prefer to have Cinco on his base, you may order one at no additional cost. Just Add it to Your Shopping Cart.

Hagen Renaker Horse Exi
Choose Color:

Cinco and Exi will be made to order with expected shipping, from San Dimas, of six weeks or less.
For shipments within the United States, shipping will be free.

International Orders will be shipped via USPS.
Please request shipping charges prior to ordering.