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Hagen-Renaker has re-issued Lying Fez, Sherif and Small Zilla. They are open issues.
They are available in Grey (black mane & tail), Charcoal (white mane & tail)
Bay, Palomino (white mane & tail) & Chestnut (cream mane & tail).
Each colt is made to order, and you can mix and match.
Cost - $85.00 Each
Domestic shipping and handling is included

Lay-away is available.

Small Zilla
5 Inches Tall
Hagen Renaker Small Zilla Colt
Choose Color:

Lying Fez
2 ¼ Inches Tall
Hagen Renaker Lying Fez Colt
Choose Color:

4½ Inches Tall
Hagen Renaker Sherif Colt
Choose Color:

Fez, Small Zilla and Sherif are available to order immediately.
Each "Colt" will be made to order with expected shipping, from San Dimas, of six weeks or less.
For shipments within the United States, shipping will be free.

International Orders will be shipped via USPS.
Please request shipping charges prior to ordering.